Palm Beach International Airport.. Easy Travels..

Wow, this place is great! After an emergency family related trip to New Jersey this weekend, I am reminded of just how great it is. This airport is very laid back and headache free. Flying out of Palm Beach International (PBI) definitely spoils those of us who call Palm Beach County home. When flying out of major hubs, like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, one MUST be at the airport almost 3 hours ahead of flight time to ensure catching the flight that you are supposed to board. If you are flying out of PBI, a nice smooth 1 hour advance is really all that you need. Security is nice, organized, and swift. Check-in is hardly ever an issue. One has many choices for food or drink while waiting to board that flight as well. Not to mention, if you are someone who may need an adult beverage before flying to calm the nerves, Chili’s is available for two for one cocktails all day! I just have to say it again Palm Beach International is fantastic and is absolutely something to Love about Palm Beach!

Palm Beach Weather! We really do live in Paradise.

Well Happy 2014 to all!  I just have to say, the something to love!  A day after the new year begins, the entire northeast is bracing for a pretty heavy Nor’easter.  The NewYork/New Jersey area is expecting around a foot of snow over the next couple days.  No, thank you!

Here in Palm Beach, the temperature is a balmy 82 degrees, and the sun is shining.  It truly seems to be paradise in January.  One of the many things to love about the area.  I am not sure of any other places in the country that someone can be doing outdoor activities all year-round without worrying about digging out of the snow at some point.  I guess that is why so many people have a season home here in South Florida.  What a little getaway during the hard winter months of the Northeast.

The beach in January?  Definitely something to love about Palm Beach!

Happy New Year to all.


heavy snow

heavy snow (Photo credit: Yuya Tamai)


Relaxing on the beach

Snow Covered?


Soaking in the Sun?

Where would you rather be?

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